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Hello, my name is Viktoria!


Hello, my name is Viktoria!

I graduated Summa Cum Laude straight A’s in my senior high school year (see graduation exams certificate) in Slovakia and I am honored to be furthering my academic career at one of the most prestigious colleges in the world – the King’s College London studying International Relations 

The offer is however conditional. (see Kings Acceptance letter) And we all know the condition. £22,500 tuition fee, £8,000 dormitory housing and additional fees for books, board, transportation. The first year is calculated around €40,000 Euros.

With school quickly approaching, I have applied to numerous scholarships, but nothing has come through. Needing to have €40,000 to enrol for the first year, I am left with a substantial financial obligation.  My commitment to academic excellence brings me here in search of support.

Why International Relations at Kings?

I am from Slovakia, country known for its corrupted members in parliament, minsters, judges a country where it is possible bribe anybody for anything. A place where Slovakia is moving backwards. But I believe the change is not impossible and Kings approach to education would help me set the foundation for my future, and future of Slovak people.  

Kings offers number of possible opportunities for students to get involved in sustainability and contribute with their ideas, to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, such as the Climate Action Strategy – the other area which I am highly interested in. I wish to work for United Nations, so learning that Kings College partners with them is a key for opening my future doors. This course also focusses on multidisciplinary thinking through which I will be provided with complex overview of various economies and industries.

A bit of from my personal statement that got me accepted to Kings College in London:

“Notable party leaders fighting for the vox populi during the day, while their nightlife represents immoral shadows. Democratic leaders sponsored by oligarchs; business agenda created to benefit a privileged few. This reflection of my dissatisfaction with the political landscape in my home country Slovakia has increased my ambition to become an academic in Social Science. I want to better understand how economics influences politicians’ decision-making and the cause of corruption through studying international relations.”

My experience in the political field

My interest in politics was sparked by my first internship. I was responsible for the back-office operations at the Indian Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic. I have worked closely with the president of the Chamber and Slovak ambassadors and politicians. This was a wonderful eye-opening experience; I learned the beauty of negotiation in the political field, to improve my critical thinking, and to solve any task that was needed.

Voluntary work

Apart from my interest of being knowledgeable about politics and international affairs I also like to be involved in my community. I organized charity clothing bazaars. The money raised are donated to the NGO and shelter organizations to make a better environment for the kids who do not have the privileges of family. Being the leader of the event is an incredible journey I have undertaken. This further developed my passion to become an independent hard-working woman.


In my early age (5-16), I spent training hard on a tennis court and winning many local and national tournaments. I know the feeling of wining, losing and hard training. This supports my ambitions, whether in school, life, or work. I still enjoy playing tennis because it stops me from feeling bogged down by my daily routines. Not only that, but chess helps me escape reality as well. Some might say chess is not a sport, but my brain has never felt more exercise than when playing chess. When I was little, I and my grandad we used to play constantly, he was the one who showed me the beauty of it, he even took me to play tournaments. Now every time I play, I hear him saying from the clouds “don’t touch the figure, or now it’s time one party will screw it up”



 Last words 

I would cherish the chance to meet like-minded people who share my passion for solving political issues and want to help and contribute to the social society. I wish to continue my education in such a dynamic field because the options offered by social sciences feed both my interest and analytical thinking. 

Any donations are more than appreciated and would help me greatly surviving the first year in foreign country. Even if you decide to skip it for now (I will not take it personally ;-)) please share it with your community so I can follow my dreams. 

See my few pictures here, evidence of my admission, my graduation final exams. Please leave me a note if you want. Once I get on board to Kings, I will be writing all my fans and supporters the weekly “Live like a Kings”. And who knows, maybe it will help your daughter, son, niece, or nephew someday who will have the same opportunity as I do.

PS Thanks BREXIT for making the tuition in England twice expensive as before.

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Hello, my name is Viktoria!

  Hello, my name is Viktoria! I graduated Summa Cum Laude straight A’s in my senior high school year ( see graduation exams certificate ) in...